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About Chemistry By Design
The idea behind "Chemistry By Design" was conceived by Professor Njardarson a few years ago. The original concept was simply to try to create an interactive virtual flashcard that would allow students to test their skills using known synthetic sequences. The goal was to display the reagents, starting materials and products for every single step used in constructing a natural product or pharmaceutical. The students would then be provided with different browsing options to test themselves.

This idea has now been realized. Following a January 2011 meeting with Stuart Glogoff, Gary Carstensen and Joseph Boudreaux from the Office of Instruction and Assessment at The University of Arizona the project finally took flight. Since then Professor Njardarson, his students and Gary Carstensen have worked tirelessly in making the launch of this new educational website a reality. It is now also available as a free app for iphones, ipads and android devices.

I hope you enjoy browsing and learning

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